Erin & Kelly - Chicago Fire 3.02 “Wow Me”

Invisible Children: Move D.C.


For the past couple of months I, along with Sophia Bush and my friend Sarah have been the targets of a cyberbully here on twitter. This person has been telling us that we’re bitches, whores, and countless other disgusting names that I can’t even keep track of anymore. The first account he made, I attempted to offer this person help. I offered to be a person to talk to and a person to yell at. The second account they made, I defended Sophia and my now new friend Sarah. Every other account after that, I’ve blocked and reported. This person did nothing but call me and Sarah, along with Sophia names, told all of us to “go die” and threatened us. I’ve blocked ALL of his accounts ans yet, I go on twitter every other day and there’s another one that has popped up. Count 15 to 20 accounts later, this person is STILL at it. And to make matters worse, this person is on their 3rd account pretending to be Sophia. Replying to all her fans, wasting their time to make Sophia’s fans excited about a tweet or favorite, only to be disappointed in what they see when they click on the name. I’m glad and so proud of Sophia for saying something publicly to all of her fans. It’s been a weird few months with all this shit going down on twitter, but it’s brought me and Sarah closer and hell, it may have brought both of us closer to Sophia. I have never, since all of this started, been the victim. I’ve always been the one to tell people to ignore this person. I WILL NOT be the victim. Spread the love. You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. If you have issues, I am ALWAYS here to talk. If you feel the need to yell at someone with your problems, I’m ALWAYS here. Sorry for the rant, I just want to express my respect for Sophia for finally saying something. :)

"This has gotten beyond out of hand. Obsessive. Violent. And legally punishable. To any of you who’ve been targeted by @SophhiaBush, I’m so sorry. I’m sure he/she will be blocked again soon, only to create another account. We’re close to 20 now. And law enforcement says "we’re on it," and "don’t acknowledge this person," but when this person, this vitriolic perverse monster is targeting all of you? Threatening rape, gang rape, & throat slitting to name a few? Impersonating me and breaking some of your hearts? Telling people they should kill themselves, and illustrating how? Nope. No silence. As the evidence of staking and harassment mounts, so does my anger. Because this is grotesque. And on the other side, my sadness mounts as well. What happened to you, you poor lost soul, that this is how you find pleasure? That you need to attempt to destroy little bits of other people to build yourself up, bit by bit? Who in your life hurt you? Who made you need to act out like this? Because my god I feel so sorry for you. But my sorrow in the face of your pain is no match for my anger at the pain you are causing others. You do not have the right to spread poison because you have felt poisoned. It’s a small minded and ugly path to take. Choosing to inflict pain doesn’t make you strong or powerful. It only proves your weakness and self-loathing. All the time you’re taking to verbally harass us, threaten physical assault, and terrorize strangers? Please start spending it in therapy and learn to love yourself. You deserve it. And because none of us deserve one more moment of your bullying bullshit. #gethelp #bullyingisugly #violenceisntfunny #thereisabetterway" - Sophia on twitter

Thank you Sophia. That’s all I have to say… is thank you. :)

My past is my business…

Chicago PD 2.02 “Get My Cigarettes” Sneak Peek

"How are you holding up?"
"I’m good."

Erin & Hank - 2x02 “Get My Cigarettes” Sneak Peek

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2.01 “Call It Maracroni”